Hi, I’m Anne Shetty, a wife to my amazing husband, Ricky, mother to my two adorable children Rianne and Ryan and I am the owner and founder of #Project30.

#Project30..How did it all start… Let me tell you the story…

The idea of #Project30 was conceived while I was on maternity leave with our son Ryan last June 2014 when I decided to do the things I’ve been wanting to do that lead to the discovery of my inner artist. I took the first step by taking  a furniture painting class  and the rest I’d say is history. It has opened my heart and mind to the beauty of art and I was attracted to the works of fellow artists, crafters and artisans. There is always something beautiful and special when we see the work of our hands and of others.. Thus, the birth of the desire to open  #Project30.

#Project30 is an Artisan Store carrying products from amazing, talented, creative individuals.  It is also a haven for people just like me who wants to unleash their artist within.  #Project30 will be offering art, craft, and anything under the sun workshops available to the community. This reflects my passion for local artisan products and my passion for learning.

The Mission and Vision

The ultimate goal is to make local artisan products accessible to many.  That people will have a place to go to purchase for themselves, and for others while seeing and feeling the products.  Rather than buying at a mall, why not buy from your neighbor and by your neighbor? I believe that there is currently a social movement going on in this generation where we are going back to being more community oriented, supportive of small businesses and elevating the dignity of  artists, crafters and artisans.. And I want to be a part of it.

Where is it?

#Project30 will be located in one of the best kept secrets in the Lower Mainland , The Heights, or also known as Burnaby Heights in North Burnaby, just east of Boundary from East Vancouver. This is the neighborhood I live in and I love its  strong sense of community and history.  To know more about the heights and surrounding merchants, you can check out www.burnabyheights.com.  I’ve also written about some of The Height’s merchants on my blog.

When are we Opening?

I plan to open my new baby in Summer 2015! Coming soon!!

Last but not the Least.. A Call for Social Responsibility

I believe that we are all called for a greater purpose and the more we give, the more we receive! #Project30 is committed to contributing 5% of what you pay back to the community.  Also, #Project30 will be sponsoring a student for the workshops.

Thank you for your time in reading this.  I know it’s quite long, but there is still so  much to say.. see.. feel.. And I couldn’t wait for you to come visit the store or check us out online!

I’ll see you soon!!

Anne Shetty